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Be Smart. Be Cool.

Eco-Friendly | Blue Light Glasses | High-Quality | Italian Design, Polarized Sunglasses. All in just one frame.

  • High-Quality Blue Light Glasses

    The best protection for your eyes from the harmful Blue Light of Digital Devices.

  • Premium Eco Friendly Materials

    Save the planet. Eco Friendly acetate frame, recycled packaging and rPET accessories.

  • Magnetic Sunglass Clip-on

    One Frame, infinite styles. With just a Clack your glasses become cool Sunglasses.

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Italian Design - Handmade from Eco Friendly Acetate

Trendy minimal Italian Design.

Handmade from Premium Eco-Friendly acetate.
Three colors
available: ECO Black, ECO Crystal and ECO Tortoise.

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High Quality Blue Light Blocking Lens

Each pair of ÒCIO frames comes with Premium Blue Light Block Lenses made exclusively to protect your eyes from the harmful Blue Light emitted from Digital Devices.

Digital devices such as: laptops, smartphones, TV and tablets.

Note: all lenses are without prescription.

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Polarized Magnetic Sunglass Clip-On

CLACK. And Enjoy your sunglasses!

ÒCIO transforms into Sunglasses thanks to the magnetic clip-on Sunglasses.

One frame, two pairs.

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Comfortable Design

Our frames are all unisex. Developed to be worn comfortably by people that spend many hours in front of digital screens.

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Eco Friendly Accessories

Handmade Eco Friendly Frame from Eco Friendly Acetate.

Compact Recycled Paper Box, perfect to be used on a daily basis.

Triangle Foldable Kraft paper case, just fold it and put it into your pocket.

rPET cleaning cloth from recycled plastic.

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